Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cowardice mixes well with Geeky.

So, I am not a big animé fan. I am a geek-- and proudly so. I like science fiction and some fantasy stuff, but I really, really don't like animé-- much to the chagrin of my friends Sueann and Shane. I just can't get over the animation-- something about it disturbs and violates some part of the center in brain that receives and processes moving pictures. Samurai Champloo, however, is an exception. I love it. I am thinking about buying it for my very own (nevermind that, it was just the sound of Sueann falling out of her chair, probably landing on her deaf dog-- who sadly, received no warning). J'adore Samurai Champloo, and in particular, I love Jin. Now, I have had crushes on animated characters before (Trent from Daria, anyone?), but Jin (mmmmm). Now, I am willing to admit that Mugen is also very appealing, but there is something so much more attractive about the strong, silent type.
But, I digress. My real intent in posting this today, was to draw your attention to my sidebar. You see, in order to have links one must code the template. Now, I have taken two courses on coding and never, ever did I think I would ever use it in life-- ever. I have a mac. I don't really need to know anything about my computer. I just turn it on and go.
And while it's been a long time and I was never that good at it anyway, there is something so satisfying about coding. I feel like a construction worker w/o the hard labor. I am building something and the results are immediate! I also feel like it gives instant credibility to my claim that I am a geek. A sort of-- "okay, she's cool: she's got her coding badge."

In other news, I started this blog never planning to tell anyone I knew personally about it. It was going to be an anonymous page out on the web. I have decided there are things I want to share with some friends and (possibly some family), so I did a little redesigning. But, it is very important to me that I not let the fact that I know some of you censor what I write. I don't intend on telling most members of my family about Serena b/c they tend to take information about my personal life and use it against me. I am setting a boundary (that was the sound of my therapist falling off her chair). This is my blog, and dammit! If I want to write about deeply intimate, personal things, I will (just as long as it remains out of their peripheral).

Yes, I am aware of how pathetic it is for a 24 year old woman to live in fear of the psychological warfare (otherwise known as family dinners) she has been battling all of her life-- but we all have our quirks.

So, onward Christian soldiers! (and a little Saint Crispen's Day speech [it doesn't get better than Kenneth Branaugh), and I am ready to go...


Blogger Serena said...

*travel tip: it's never a good idea to step over a homeless person-- or any person for that matter, when they are lying on the ground. Even if there is no way around them, wait until they move.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for removing the password on those photos. Looked at the photos, although I couldn't get the slide show to work. Probably because my computer doesn't do fancy multimedia stuff. It did work on that movie clip of the Eiffel Tower though, which is simply gorgeous. I've never been to France. You're using a Mac, I'm running Linux. Perhaps this is the oddball group gathering.
-- Rolly

2:26 PM  

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