Sunday, July 24, 2005

Smart People Are Stupid

I couldn't sleep last night and spent way too much time exploring the realm of the world wide web. I encountered a couple really well written, original and insightful blogs that shamed me and Serena These were writers-- like me, who are actually using their blog to write. I know, but the obvious tends to escape me at times.
Contary to my last statement, I am of above average intelligence (and modest to boast), but I don't have a talent for anything in particular. I like Math; my obsessive-compulsive brain is calmed when forced to do long, drawn out equations. There is an order that I find safe and calming. But math is too confusing for my dyslexic and ADD mind and my self-defeating personality gets frustrated and gives up. Science I love. I love biology--especially genetics, atoms and other small things not visible to the human eye (bacteria, virus, cells, ect.) and I love Science Fiction (no sci-fi here, please). I love to read. I love literature, plays, not so much poetry, and even good magazines. But, I am not a one of those recreational readers who can recite several meaningful passages/quotes from the book and-- here's the kicker, retain them for eternity. I rarely remember the author's name (unless they are very famous or the book was particularly spectacular). I was raised on television (and I am living proof that it is an addictive medium that should be much more closely regulated by parents). When not with my nanny, I was supervised by the t.v. and allowed to watch whatever I wanted. Thanks Mom and Dad, by the way, I am stll, to this day, scared of Trolls--both the sad excuse for a horror movie and the mythical creatures.
In fact, my parents thought I was some kind of savant when I was little because I had a freak encyclopedic knowledge of television and film (in particular of the cheap 1980's B genre), most of which is now lost in the haze left lingering from the cocktail of perscription drugs I injest every morning. But, in truth, movies and television were my domain. I was in charge and could escape to any world I wanted with the click of my remote.
So, there are many things I am okay at, many things I enjoy, but nothing that sets me apart or makes me feel particularly prideful, and I really felt inadequate while surfing last night (maybe I should wait a few days before taking my USB for another ride). On the flip (I know, very cool and effortless use of hip, if slightly dated slang), I ran into some awful blogs: illiterate, politically extreme, cutters, pedophiles, photographers lacking skills in photography, ect. That made me feel much better. You see, I am completely aware that there is no real need for my blog (it's truly the ultimate form of self-indulgence), and I am okay with that. In fact, as much as I don't expect anyone to care, let alone read some of my more dry postings, I love getting your comments. Comments, comments, comments!-- like Candy, Candy, Candy at Halloween*., yeah. Just a few thoughts.

And here's a Deep Thought/travel tip:
If you drop your wallet into a river of molten hot lava, don't jump in after it. Because, man, it's gone.

*Hope you're all familiar with the comic stylings of Jerry Seinfeld.


Blogger Serena said...

It has been brought to my attention that Serena is a misnommer b/c this isn't a .com, but, in fact, a You know what, for about 5 secs I actually considered changing the title, but, I really don't care. I am fully aware that this site's address is not Indulge me, it is simply indicative of the fact that I am now on the world wide web. If it is such an egregious error in your eyes, don't look.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Nique Zool said...

Ahoy there Serena. Thank you for your compliments on my blog. Yours is enjoyable too. Feel free to come back at any time, you lovely young thing you

I have read that book - yes. I specialise in Russian cultural history. But I still try to get our man Adolf in there as often as possible. Have you read Mein Kampf - hilarious. Did anyone stop to think that maybe he was just misunderstood?

(tounge in cheek, tounge in cheek!)

4:15 PM  

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