Monday, August 01, 2005

Praying for complete and total collapse of the Euro

This was a rather expensive weekend, and by 'rather expensive' I mean that my ass is still bleeding from the buggering it took. I went to EuroDisney with a friend this weekend. I did not end up paying for anything because he owed me some cash and the expense was close enough, but eating out (just a sidewalk cafe or two), going to see a movie, trains, a book, some shampoo and a baguette and I have practically bankrupted myself for the month-- and sadly, I am not exagerating. Whatever happened to the Americans being the rich ones? Whatever happened to Americans worrying only about the Yen-- which is practically ours anyway? Am I happy for the EU and do I realize that prosperity for Europe means prosperity for the rest of the world? Yes. But I am less happy that America is not even 'at the table' right now. My monthly resources are almost cut in half when converted to euros. I think I might have to buy one of those hermorroid donuts (at least I can say that I lost my anal virginity in the same city that Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes-- now that's romantic).
And what really gets my goat (please excuse the use of such an archaic phrase), is that Americans are still the ones being targeted by the organised 'homeless' and 'needy' on Parisian streets, next to the monuments, and in the trains.
Whether it's the Bosinians who approach anyone speaking English, "Are you American?" They ask as they hand you a piece of paper describing why they were forced to flee their country, "Please Help Me." To which I respond clearly and loudly, "No, sorry, I don't speak any english."
The vendors selling cheap chotchke on the streets, "You American? I love America. Come, come look at my stuff-- for you, because I love America, 20 euro-- just for you" Yeah, thanks, 20 euro for something worth less than 2. I am neither stupid nor rich (at least, not at the moment) and I really don't feel guilty regarding these people with absolute disdain. You may be thinking, "what is she talking about?" These aren't rich Europeans, but people forced to the street to either beg or scrape together what ever they can by selling whatever they can." And my response to that would be, I have no sympathy for someone who spends more hours of their day trying not to work than working. These people have careers, they are organised. Now, if someone is sleeping on the metro grate trying to stay warm, I might drop whatever coin I have on me into their little cup, and certainly, I am a sucker for anyone with a dog (which, sadly, there are a lot of in Paris. Almost everyone homeless person has at least two dogs, which I find disgusting. If you cannot or choose not to have the means to support yourself, you should not be allowed to have so many animals under your care).
Living in the sixth, I became familliar with many of the dirty, smelly faces that frequented the shelters and bars near my house (even in my neighbor, there were several), and to these people, if I had some coin, I was happy to give it to them. More often than not, I had nothing, but a smile always sufficed. Never have I felt unsafe, harassed, or somehow at risk with the regular homeless guy on the street. There is a man, who can be found on Avenue St. Germain near the church, who carves vegetables into the most amazing, intricate animals, flowers, ect. I think he might be autistic. I love to watch him work, but because I have no use for a radish goldfish, I always pass at his offer to take something after I drop a euro into his bowl. These people don't beg and follow me down the street, but I am always made to feel uncomfortable by those with pre-made signs, propaganda, and glow in the dark Eiffel Tower necklaces. Yes, homelessness and unemployment are big problems in France, and not much is being done about it-- unless, that is, you count the millions of dollars from the pockets of exploited tourists.
But I digress.
Serena has decided to do what she can to make a little extra cash (see advertissements and Google search bar at right). If you would like to contribute, please feel free to click on any or all of the ads. I find them quite ugly and feel a little dirty having placed them on my site-- have I sold my soul? But hopefully, after a few million people hit those links, I can buy one of those glow in the dark Eiffel Tower necklaces.


Blogger Serena said...

As soon as I get my pictures, I will bring you tales from Disneyland. Stay tuned!

10:54 PM  
Blogger madman said...

I will click the ads--though I never have befoe! Hope it pays for something! Have fun!

3:35 AM  
Blogger Adrian said...


The Euro helps NOBODY, the Europeans still find the cost of living to be too high and I totally agree that the Euro should be scrapped.

Besides, the notes look like frikkin Monopoly money!! Im convinced though, that the Euro will kill itself eventually, especially if Britain continues to kick it to the kerb. YAY!!

And as for the unemployed opportunists? Pfffft. I have no time for them either, dont give them a cent and dont feel bad for them. Theyre probably richer than both of us combined.

And on that happy note, I'll leave. But before I do? I'll click the ads. : )

9:30 PM  

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