Saturday, September 03, 2005

And now for something completely different

I love Daniel Auteil. I find him to be incredibly sexy. If you do not know who he is, please allow me to describe:
He is short, more than middle aged, a bit rotund, with thickly defined wrinkles on his face. His nose is not only...well, French, but it was (I assume) at one time broken and not set properly. And if that doesn't wet your seat, how's this?

This man has a presence, a sensuality that I cannot begin to describe and everytime I see him on screen, my stomach flutters and I can't take my eyes off him. Today, I saw two movies, Dark Water (forgetable) and Peindre ou Faire L'Amour (To Paint or To Make Love). It's about a middle-aged couple who become swingers. It was good-- not great, but there was this man again. He is probably older than my father, and most likely the top of his head does not even reach my shoulders, but there it is: I lust after this man.
He's a great actor, he can be funny, dramatic, dark, silly, good guy, bad guy...anything. I've seen many of his films and liked most of those, and he has the most wonderful crooked smile. This man is old enough to be my grandfather and I can't stop thinking about him (I've been in France too long ;)

This is one of the most underrated romantic comedies ever. It is actually very funny and I pick up more everytime I see it.
20 pts. for name of film:
"Those French! They hate us, they smoke, they have a whole relationship with dairy products I don't understand."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

French Kiss

10:35 PM  
Blogger Serena said...

Well done, Anonymous, well done. I think that might tie you with UC.

11:29 PM  
Blogger UrbanCannibal said...

I've been a little off my game lately on a count of my mistress in training.

2:27 AM  
Blogger Serena said...

I expect nothing but perfection from you: step up!

7:55 PM  
Blogger Spinning Girl said...

you can see it in his eyes...that he is good.

blog-hopped to gethere; glad I did!

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Super SueAsian said...

I have seen this actor before and LOVED him! It was a movie about him and his wife...she rehabilitates a murderer. Sad ending but I loved the marriage between them. His character's virility left a mark on me.

9:36 PM  
Blogger The Dark Pig said...

I love your blog. It is the best blog ever. I was just stopping by and thought you'd love my site as well.

4:32 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

Don't we all have crushes on someone we would never admit to?

4:33 PM  
Blogger UrbanCannibal said...

I thought the look in his eyes was more like a sneaky uncle kinda thing... but maybe that's because the Dark Pig looked at me just like that this past weekend ((shudder))

1:43 AM  

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