Friday, September 16, 2005

Waterford City, Waterford County

I am in Waterford City in Waterford County, Ireland. It is a small little place and because it's off season, there aren't a lot of tourists (Yea!). I rolled into town today with no reservations and no idea of how long I wanted to stay. My bus ticket from Dublin was 10.50 euros for a 3 hour trip. I was pleasantly surprised with the bus: clean, speedy, and cool-- as in, not hot. From the depot, I crossed the street to the tourism office. They called the one b&b in town in my price range (there are no hostels here, but I am only paying 26 euro [!] for my room-- and it's pretty nice-- not pretty, but nice). They booked a reservation for me and I walked up the hill and through town to check in. I am set to leave on Sunday and between then and now, I will go to the Waterford Crystal factory, another little coastal town (the name escapes me), and explore this one.
In other news, I bought a pair of PUMAs today. My wonderful camel-toed Nikes are showing their age and will not make the rest of the trip. I paid 80 euro-- which is waaaayyyyy more than I would've paid in the US or even Paris, but that's my own fault for not replacing my beloved shoes sooner.
The power cord for my laptop is not working-- I don't know why, but it is quite possible I fried it when I plugged it into the outlet at my hostel in Dublin last night. Dommage. Now my battery is close to dead and I can't use my precious. I am trying to check out all of your sites as usual, but for some reason, my links and side column are not showing up on this cafe's computers? Do they not normally show up for all of you? Anyway, I am reading along when I can. And as soon as my precious is up and running again, I will post pictures.
Also, if it is the beginning of Fall in Paris, it is the dead of Winter in Ireland! It is bitingly cold and rainy and miserable.


Blogger Lulu said...

Hey Serena! You left a comment on my old blog, and I just want you to know where my new one is!


9:56 PM  
Blogger Lulu said...

Oh, BTW, your links are all the way at the bottom of your blog. I think maybe you added something to your sidebar that was too wide.

9:57 PM  
Blogger Bobby said...

some browsers mess up my images, and my sidebar. too. so don't feel bad.

the important part is I could still read your post.

3:53 AM  

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