Monday, October 10, 2005

Just a note.

Shit for school Wi-Fi won't allow me to use Safari and I am struggling with internet explorer. I can't post pictures, and I must post two or three posts at a time as I can only use the internet after business hours ( I am sitting in the dark on the wet grass outside the student union [and I use that term loosely).
So, scroll down and read both of my posts as they are in order from bottom to top.
Please know that I am stopping by all of your sites when I can and will try, in the coming days, to get a set blogging schedule so I can get back on the blogger track.


Anonymous Eric said...

I am sorry that you are having a hard time. Believe me, I can empathize! I am applying for Grad School at USC and UCLA, so we shall see if I get in for the screenwriting programs!

Keep your chin up, and get away from those Americans! FOR REAL! You are not in France for a year to speak English. Seriosuly, tell them to get away from you if they are going to spew English words in your presence. Don't take no crap!

Good luck with your situation. Find a church in town, I am serious, it is the only thing that got me through.

Good luck! For reals, contact Louis's family if you need anything! Even just a place to go for a long weekend, they would love to host you!

12:36 AM  
Blogger European said...

Oy. Sounds like things can only get better. Hang in there and don't let yourself be too negative (I tell my students to "adjust their attitude" - so, you know, if a firstgrader can't do it, you can at least try...).
Also, I'm with Eric on getting away from those Americans. ;)

5:55 AM  

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